Centerville Schools Receive Funding to Add Safety Measures

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CENTERVILLE, Ohio (WKEF) — Grant funding from the state of Ohio is helping Centerville City Schools enhance safety measures across the district.

Awarded by the Ohio Attorney General, the first grant gives $42,000 to install the Raptor Visitor Management System in all school buildings. This system compares visitor identification to a database that contains registered sex offenders from 50 states as well as local flags placed into Raptor by the district.

“Once cleared through the Raptor system, a visitor badge is produced that includes the visitor’s name, photo, date and destination,” said Director of Business Operations Chuck Cowgill. “This gives us a consistent method to manage visitors who need access to our schools past the reception desk, and alerts personnel to certain potential threats.”

Centerville Safe, a local nonprofit that works with Centerville Schools to coordinate fundraising activities and implement school safety procedures, is assisting with purchasing extra materials needed for the Raptor system.

The other grant comes from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC). The OFCC will provide $533,000 to the district, which will be used to improve exterior entrances.

“The OFCC grant gives us a significant amount of money to put toward security measures,” said Cowgill, who added that planned improvements will affect all school buildings and could include projects such as adding key fobs and upgrading exterior doors.

More information about safety and security, including common questions about the Raptor Visitor Management System, can be found on the district’s website,