Florida House Bill 1421

After an emergency, quickly and safely reunify students with their guardians

Florida House Bill 1421

What is Florida House Bill 1421?

In March 2022, the Florida legislature approved updates to the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Act. The bill is awaiting Governor Ron DeSantis signature. There are many updates to the 2018 bill, including new school safety drill and family reunification requirements.

To see a detailed summary and learn how to comply with each update, download your free copy of Raptor’s Florida HB 1421 analysis.

Watch how Raptor collaborated with school and city staff for a parent-student reunification exercise at Midlothian ISD (TX).

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How Can Raptor Help with Florida House Bill 1421 Compliance?

Part of the compliance requirements in the FL 1421 House Bill mandates Florida schools to develop reunification processes that integrate with technology and thereby eliminate the chaos caused by the old pencil/paper or spreadsheet processes. 

With Raptor Reunification software, your reunification team can quickly confirm if the student is accounted for on-site, still at the school, or marked missing or injured—all in the Raptor mobile app. 

Benefits of Raptor Reunification Software

Connected to your student information system, Raptor helps ensure students are only reunified with approved guardians.  

  • Enables scanning of the guardian’s ID to check for status or custodial restrictions  
  • Records and stores approved guardian signature 
  • Software automatically sends alerts to the student’s other guardians upon successful reunification 
  • Raptor dashboards update in real time during reunifications and automatically creates summary reports 
  • Raptor is 100% aligned with the Standard Reunification Method from The “I Love U Guys” Foundation 
Raptor school reunification software

The Raptor Difference

Effective K-12 emergency management is not just about software features. Schools need a partner that understands them and is a proven ally to keep students safe.

Raptor is a trusted and credible K-12 safety software provider for 73% of Florida districts, totaling over 2,500 individual schools. Reduce complexity with a partner already in your schools.

Raptor has innovative, streamlined implementation based on over 18 years of experience. This means we will have you up and running by the deadline.

You will not be just another client. Raptor will provide you with ongoing expertise and relentless innovation to help you better protect your students, staff, and buildings from any threat. Raptor is a partner to over 35,000 K-12 U.S. schools and maintains an annual client retention rate of 98%.

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