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Student, Staff, and Visitor COVID-19 Screening Complies with State Guidelines and Reduces COVID-19’s Spread


COVID-19 has changed typical back-to-school plans and has caused schools around the nation to revisit many policies from updating attendance requirements to reducing class sizes to changing visitor management procedures. However, one thing has remained the same: schools have an obligation to provide safe and secure learning environments for their students and staff.

Knowing that students, staff, guardians and school administrators themselves are anxious about returning to school, many states have published guidelines that recommend schools take a proactive approach to reducing COVID-19’s spread.


Screening Visitors for COVID-19 Risk

Many states recommend schools screen all visitors including contractors, guardians, substitute teachers, and volunteers for COVID-19 exposure and to not allow visitors who are deemed a risk on campus.

Raptor Visitor Management an automated solution that is trusted by over 35,000 K-12 U.S. schools provides a practical screening solution that empowers you to screen, track, and report on visitors so only approved individuals get access to your building.

With Raptor, you can reduce the spread of COVID-19 at your schools through:

  • Custom Yes/NoCOVID-19 screening questions added to your check-in procedures
  • Immediate and automated notification of appropriate administrative and security personnel should a visitor be identified as a potential exposure risk
  • Minimized contact between staff and visitors through contactless check-in
  • Facilitation of contact tracing through the retention of specific visitor details in an online system

Approved visitors receive a visitor badge with their photo (taken directly from the ID), name, reason for visit, specific destination within the school, date and time of entry, and explicit COVID-19 screening clearance. The badge adds a layer of security not only in terms of knowing the individual was approved and screened, but also because it allows you to see the visitors photo as their face is covered by a mask.

Do More with Raptor

Providing assurance to students, staff, and families that your school is taking the appropriate steps to keep everyone safe from COVID-19 exposure and slow the virus’s spread is imperative. Raptor has helped schools across the country address COVID-19s impact, empowering them to focus on keeping their students, staff, and communities safe.

Download our Back-to-School ebook to read some of the best guidelines and suggestions we have compiled to help you prepare for the upcoming school year or contact us here to set up a personalized demo.