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Strengthening Your School’s Volunteer Community and Safety

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School volunteers support education in a myriad of ways. From classroom and activity volunteers to administrative and fundraising, schools’ volunteer networks lend a hand to a wide variety of programs, learning opportunities, and logistical support—and the benefits are equally extensive.  

A strong network of volunteers not only benefits the students, but also the teachers and the local community. With results like improved academic performance and social skills, additional resources, materials, and professional development for teachers, and the improved school culture that comes with increased civic engagement and community partnerships, volunteers are a critical component to our education system and community as a whole.  

Simplify your volunteer application and screening process

Raptor Volunteer Management streamlines your process from application to reporting. Reduce the effort, simplify the process, and scale the impact of your volunteer programs with an online application, time tracking, event management, and robust reporting. With Volunteer Management, you can: 

  • Customize and automate your volunteer application based on state requirements and your own policies 
  • Provide tracking and instant notification to approved applicants 
  • Reduce the approval process from weeks to hours 

Keeping your school and your volunteers safe

When it comes to school volunteering, safety and security protocols are of the utmost importance. Schools have a responsibility to ensure that all volunteers are thoroughly vetted—this protects not only students, but also your staff and volunteers from potential threats.  

For example, consider the following: 

  • Requiring volunteers to undergo a criminal background check and screening against the sex offender database before they are allowed to work with students helps ensure that anyone with a history of violent or abusive behavior is not allowed to interact with children. 
  • Train volunteers on topics such as child abuse prevention, student privacy laws, and emergency response procedures so they are better prepared to handle any situations that may arise. 
  • In addition, consider policies around visitor access and security, such as requiring volunteers to check in at the front office and wear a visitor badge at all times.  

By taking safety seriously, volunteers help ensure that students are safe and that the school environment they support remains a positive one. 

Raptor Visitor Management and Volunteer Management solutions connect to leading providers for sex offender data and background checks—empowering you to screen applicants and protect the safety of your students. 

Raptor also streamlines your volunteer application process—speeding up applicant screening and increasing collaboration by aligning events and volunteer interests—and simplify tracking and insights with customizable reporting.  

In case of emergency

Emergencies such as fires, lockdowns, and other safety-related incidents can occur at any time in a school environment. It is important for both school staff and volunteers to be prepared and know what to do in the event of an emergency. 

Make sure volunteers are familiar with the emergency protocols and procedures in place at the school, including by attending training sessions. And, by pairing your Visitor Management system with Emergency Management, your district can account for everyone on campus—including your visitors and volunteers. 

Partner with Raptor

School volunteers bring many benefits to the school, the volunteer, and the community. By working together to create a safe and supportive learning environment, volunteers can help to improve educational outcomes, build community, promote personal growth and development, improve mental health and wellbeing, and increase civic engagement. With clear protocols and procedures in place to ensure the safety of both students and volunteers, school volunteering can be a rewarding and meaningful experience that makes a positive impact on the world around us.  

Raptor Volunteer Management can help your district strengthen your volunteering program. Schedule a demo.  

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