What is a school drill management system and how does it work?

School Drill Manager Safety Compliance Mandates

A school drill management system automates scheduling, conducting, and reporting on drills. This is key to analyzing drill performance, maintaining compliance, and creating muscle memory for a real-life emergency. District-level and school-level reports show drill status and crucial insights to help schools improve with each drill.

Why is a drill management system important to schools?

  • Efficiently schedule, conduct, and track drills in compliance with school safety drill requirements
  • Prepare your school for any emergency by practicing and learning from the drills
  • Automatically send reminder notifications to schools so they’ll never miss another drill
  • Initiate and run school drills directly from any mobile or web-enabled device
  • Access both district-level and school-level reports that can easily be customized and scheduled for analytical and investigative purposes
  • Quickly know status for every building, drill type, and compliance status

How does Raptor Drill Manager work?

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