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We are here to support school and district leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Get Back to the Classroom With Raptor

The omicron variant of COVID-19 has put an additional wrinkle into the new school year. With many districts working to return students back to in-person learning, you need a technology partner that can help you:

  • Manage health screening and contact tracing
  • Structure response to student physical and mental health issues
  • Contact trace visitors and volunteers
  • Call for help when irate parents disrupt the school day


Confidently Respond to COVID-19

With the omicron variant driving a surge in new COVID-19 cases, you can keep students, staff, and visitors with exposure risk out of your buildings and promptly facilitate contact tracing.

COVID response

On-site Health Screening

Add custom health screening questions to your check-in procedure and receive immediate notification if someone deemed a risk attempts to sign in.

Contact Tracing

Automatically record entrant data, including sign-in/out times and authorized location, to assist with contact tracing efforts.

Students mental health


Manage the Pandemic’s Impact on Student Mental Health

Due to emotional, behavioral, and psychological effects from the pandemic, experts warn that schools will see an increase in physical and mental health issues as students return to the classroom. The Team Assist function of Raptor Alert allows districts to predefine the proper level of response to everyday student emergencies.


Track Vaccinations for Visitors and Volunteers

You can ensure visitors and volunteers on your campus have been vaccinated by designating custom fields as verified vaccination status fields. Volunteers can even add an image of their vaccination card to their records.

COVID vaccination card
team assist


Handle Interruptions from Angry Parents

Emotions are running high with parents across the country as districts officials revisit mask and vaccination requirements for the new school year. The potential for confrontations with parents has never been greater. Staff members can use the Team Assist function in Raptor Alert to summon help for your staff when they face an uncomfortable situation with an irate parent. 

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