This Is How America Tries To Protect Students From Mass Shooters

Schools around the US have put a patchwork of defenses into place against a constant and singular threat: guns.

How do you defend a packed classroom against someone intent on opening fire on it? In one Pennsylvania school, it’s a bucket of river rocks to throw at a shooter. In Littleton, Colorado, its constant video surveillance. In Texas, it’s the deputy governors suggestion that schools need fewer doors.

Since the Columbine shooting in 1999, schools have both bought expensive new products and have suggested untested, sometimes kooky, policies. Though 2018s Parkland shooting renewed efforts for new gun control measures, schools aren’t waiting to see if those laws change.

Visitor management systems
Thousands of schools use management systems such as Raptor to check people in. Visitors have to provide identification, their details are recorded, a photo taken, and their drivers license searched through a sex offender database.