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Riverview School and Wilmot Union High School - Wisconsin

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Software program designed to keep sex offenders out

More than three weeks after Wilmot Union High School enacted a new visitor management system designed to keep registered sex offenders off campus grounds, another area school plans to implement the program.

On Monday, the Riverview School Board unanimously approved the system, noting the security software gives them an opportunity to monitor visitors closely.

The Raptor Visitor Management System is a software program that requires visitors to check in with their state-issued identification card, and in turn, the system scans through a sex offender database.

According to Riverview District Administrator Jon Schleusner, the $1,600 price-tag for the school is much lower than when Raptor originally developed in 2002.

“It is a system that has been around awhile, the prices for that system has gone considerably down from where it was a few years ago,” he reported to board members.

When prospective visitors enter, they will get their identification cards scanned, only gathering their name, date of birth and photo to compare against a national database.

After identification cards are scanned, the database scans through all states, reviewing key information related to whether a prospective visitor is a registered sex offender.

“It will immediately run your information through each of the state sex offender registries, and check to see if there any issues that pop up with that,” Schleusner said.

While the system targets sex offenders, it does not check other information, including past non-violent crimes including drug offenses.

“It does not go through drug offenses, felonies, those type of things,” he said. “It is strictly monitoring the sex offender registry.”

Schleusner, who reportedly sought input from Wilmot District Administrator Dan Kopp, told board members that officials from Wilmot have seen immediate results since they unveiled the system Sept. 7.

“Wilmot High School has been pleased with it, they have had a couple of instances already of people who came in and they were told to bring their card in, and have it scanned, they were reluctant to do so,” Schleusner said.

Kopp, meanwhile, states there have been no issues since the school launched the program.

Since 2002, the Raptor Visitor Management system has alerted school officials to more than 50,000 sex offenders attempting to gain entry into schools, according to the website.

Additionally, the Raptor Management System serves more than 12,000 schools nationwide, and has issued more than 200,000 custody alerts.

Custody alerts include interference of non-custodial parents, another benefit Schleusner reported to board members.

However, when asked about whether parents, who for one reason or another, had to register as a sex offender, Schleusner states he plans to investigate this issue.

At Wilmot, if the issue arises, the school has a plan in place, according to Kopp.

“We would escort the parent,” he stated.

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