Raptor Visitor Management system ID scans can stop bad guys from entering schools


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Sep 24, 2019

NORTH SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) For years, parents have been in the habit of handing over their drivers license before entering their child’s school, but most don’t know why.

NewsChannel 9 was allowed access inside the security booth at North Syracuse Junior High School to take a closer look at the Raptor system that scans licenses.

The scan doesn’t just provide a photo. Each persons name is cross-checked with the State Sex Offender Registry and district databases of banned people and parents involved in child custody disputes.

Immediately, the security guard is informed if the visitor is cleared to enter or matches a name on the list.

If the name triggers a red flag, school administrators are immediately informed and respond to the front entrance. In some cases, the persons name might be similar to a person on the list, which opens up further verification.

But people who don’t belong in the school are escorted out.

NewsChannel 9 surveyed every superintendent in Onondaga County. Most school districts in Onondaga County use Raptor or similar system, but four (Jamesville-DeWitt, Tully, Skaneateles and Jordan-Elbridge) don’t.