Raptor in the News: KNX-AM Radio Interviews Jim Vesterman


Listen to Jim Vesterman speak about Raptor Technologies during an interview with KNX-AM Radio in Los Angeles, CA. The interview originally aired on March 28, 2017. Los Angeles, CA — This is the CBS World News Roundup Late Edition. Im Dave Barrett.

No more pencil and paper sign-in sheets for school visitors in Laguna Beach.

All four campuses in the Laguna Beach Unified School District will now require visitors to go through a background check. The system is run by Raptor Technologies. Its CEO, Jim Vesterman, says visitors will need to scan a government issued ID when they arrive on campus.

It captures your information from that ID (including) your name and your picture, and then the front desk employee will put your destination (on the badge). And now the school has an electronic log of everyone coming in and out (of the school).

The system quickly compares a persons information to a national sex offender database, and if there are any red flags, school officials are notified immediately.
(This is) Cooper Rummell, KNX 1070 News Radio.