Montgomery County schools increase security measures

Clarksville-Montgomery County TN

This article originally appeared on WKRN News 2 ABC and was written by Brent Remadna. To view the entire original article, click here.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Montgomery County School District is increasing their security measures.

“Last year we started seeing a trend that not all our schools were registering visitors the same way,” said Montgomery County School’s spokeswoman, Elise Shelton.

So the Montgomery County School System made a change by requiring visitors to scan their IDs once arriving on campus.

“The system provides a higher level of school safety and security, it does immediate background checks,” explained Shelton. “All focused on the sex offender database.”

The school system’s new sign-in process provides an immediate check through both national and state sex offender databases.

It’s a system the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is also praising.

“We have been very fortunate that the school system put in their new visitor management system,” said Investigator Jeff Morlock.

Morlock says after a few weeks the system has already started doing its job.

Three sex offenders were arrested at three different schools in Montgomery County.

Bernard Wilson was arrested at Kenwood High School on September 28th. Demoney Rich was arrested at Byrns Darden Elementary School on September 21st and Jason Danner was arrested at West Creek High School on September 20th.

“All three had come to the school to pick up a family member or friend of the family, but since they are not the actual parent of the child that is against Tennessee state law for them to be on school property,” said Morlock.

While it might be a small change for the district, Morlock says it has already been a big help.

“It keeps the community and the school safe.”

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