MCISD adds layer of security


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By Campbell Atkins | [email protected]

All Madisonville Consolidated Independent School District (MCISD) campuses will incorporate a new visitor management system from Raptor Technologies in order to ensure complete control over anyone entering districts schools.

The digital system allows the front desk personnel to know exactly who is entering the building along with their business therein. The visitor is asked to slide their identification card and the system runs an immediate criminal history and prints a report. If they pass, they receive their identification cards back and are welcome to enter the school area.

If they are flagged, they will be asked to leave.

The board first discussed the possibility of using the service at a March board meeting and heard a brief presentation from Raptor Inside Sales Representative Kevin Charman (via phone call) during their May 11 meeting.

Our mission is to protect every child, every school, every day, Charman said in his presentation. Our mission is to hopefully help you guys accomplish that with this additional layer of security to put into your district.

The system performs two instant checks for everyone signing in. First, it checks their national sex offender database, which is updated weekly in every U.S. state. If someone shows up on the list, the district employee is notified immediately and can stop the visitor from entering.

According to Superintendent Keith Smith, who partook in a Raptor training session last week, there are currently 49 registered sex offenders who reside within the school district. 27 of these individuals reside in Madisonville while 22 live in Bedias.

Secondly, the system can check to see if any parents have custody-related restrictions.

Parents can still enter the lobby to pick up their children, but cannot get past the front desk without presenting their identifications for the Raptor system.

Raptor Technologies is a Houston-based, school safety software company that started in 2002. They work with over 32,000 schools across the United States and with two out of every three schools in the state of Texas.