KSRO Newstalk 1530 interviews Jim Vesterman, CEO of Raptor Technologies

Raptor Technologies - Sonoma County CA

SONOMA COUNTY, CA – Jim Vesterman, CEO of Raptor Technologies, joined KSRO Newstalk 1530 to discuss how the Raptor System protects children and schools every day. The Raptor System works to keep an electronic log of all visitors, volunteers, and contractors, scanning each person against the national sex offender registry and any custom database set up by a school.

Each day, Raptor Technologies flags an average of 30 sex offenders trying to enter schools and issues approximately 100 custody alerts.

Raptor’s soon-to-be-released emergency management tool was also discussed. Raptor Reunification™ will help schools manage a range of emergency situations from fire drills to complicated offsite evacuations with parent reunification.

After the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown Public School District chose the Raptor System as a part of its security enhancements.

The Raptor System helps protect students in 700 California Schools including Sonoma Valley High School and more than 17,000 schools nationwide.

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