Fairport schools add new layers of security

Fairport NY - School Visitor Management

This article originally appeared on WHAM ABC13 and was written by Matt Molloy. To view the original article, click here.

FAIRPORT, NY – The Fairport School District is adding new security measures to schools this year. The measures include a new ID screening process and a buzzer system at entrances.

“It’s awareness, making sure our students and staff are safe and we’re doing all we can to protect and support safe environments,” said Superintendent Brett Provenzano.

Similar systems are used at schools throughout Monroe County. The ID software allows them to check licenses against the national sex offender database.

If they find someone who shouldn’t be on school property, they have a protocol in place.

“Administrators will be notified and communicating with the person who is in question to do it in a way that’s appropriate and dignified as well,” said Provenzano.

The new security measures should be in place at all Fairport schools by late fall.

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