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A Raptor Guide: Bridging the Gap Between Schools and Public Safety

Collaborating with public safety improves school emergency preparation, response, and recovery.

school emergency preparation

What You’ll Learn

Collaborate on Safety

Law enforcement should be involved in every safety decision.

Improve Your Protocols

The more your community practices, the more successful your response will be.


Schools cannot afford even one second of delayed or inaccurate correspondence with first responders.

Build an

A school safety ecosystem includes tools for emergency preparation, response, and recovery.

“If a district is committed to safety and takes the time to interact with law enforcement, it will certainly benefit them long term.”

Chief Craig Miller, Retired Chief of Police for the Dallas ISD Police Department

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the Guide

What's Inside

  • Chapter 1

    Plan & Communicate
    When schools and law enforcement “speak the same language” and have clear expectations, it ensures better coordination and a seamless partnership throughout the year.

  • Chapter 2

    Practice & Improve
    Involving public safety in your drills helps establish relationships, improves protocols, and ultimately makes emergency response go smoother and safer.

  • Chapter 3

    Respond & Recover  
    Although our focus is to prevent another unthinkable tragedy, schools must be proactive and prepared for emergencies.

  • Chapter 4

    Create a School Safety Ecosystem 
    Each school needs a robust school safety ecosystem, which is a toolbox of various components that can help schools quickly and efficiently respond to incidents.

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