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Top 5 Questions to Ask when Evaluating a Visitor Management Partner

Visitor management systems have the same goals: to keep unwanted entrants out and track visitor activity. But not all systems are created equal and not all vendors can provide a solution and partnership that are valuable.

Below are five questions you should ask when evaluating visitor management solution providers.

Top 5 Questions

Is the solution designed for K-12?

Schools need a partner that understands K-12 challenges and goals and is a proven ally to keep students safe. For many vendors, K-12 is just a small portion of their focus, which often means their solutions are not tailored to the specific needs of K-12 clients.

Can the system grow as your needs grow?

Its critical to choose a partner that listens to the ever-changing needs of schools and focuses on research & development practices that are in line with those needs. COVID-19, for example, quickly forced schools to reconsider their visitor policies and implement new protocols like screening students, staff, and visitors. Also consider if the solution provides flexible configurations like staff-assisted options or self-service kiosks. When your visitor management system is designed to be robust, value-driven, adaptable, and scalable, you can be confident it can fit your needs now and for years to come.

Can the system integrate with an all-in-one school safety solution?

A fully integrated system simply makes everything easier. You can be confident your data is shared across the entire safety suite and that the products seamlessly work together. An integrated visitor and emergency management system also enables you to account for everyone including students, staff, visitors, contractors, volunteers, and guardians in an emergency.

Does the solution provider have experience working with districts of all sizes?

Each K-12 client presents its own unique considerations and challenges depending on their size, location, and resources. A valuable partner has experience with various clients from the nation’s largest school districts to single-school districts and every size in between and can anticipate and guide clients through any challenge.

Does the solution provider have adequate resources to support you and maintain utmost security?

The right vendor has the resources necessary to invest in the IT security requirements that are crucial to the success of any project, but in particular projects that involve sensitive K-12 data. Your partner should provide uninterrupted service, regular software updates, data thats been secured in-use and thoroughly backed up, and data recovery thats been tested pre- and post-deployment.

Does the solution provider put customer success first?

In an environment that encounters frequent changes to staff, protocols, and industry best practices, schools need ongoing resources for continued success, like 24/7 live technical support, weekly live learning and development sessions, quarterly data analysis and business reviews, as well as exclusive roundtable events and webinar series.

The Raptor Difference

Raptor Visitor Management is used by over 32,000 K-12 schools more schools than all other providers combined and is part of a fully integrated safety suite that is 100% developed in-house and built just for K-12. The most important distinction between Raptor Visitor Management and all the others is something no one else can offer: the Raptor partnership. To learn more, contact us today to set up a personalized demo.