The Role of Technology in Todays School Safety Landscape

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Updated May 2021

Experts recommend that schools take a balanced, holistic, and robust approach to school safety in order to keep their students, staff, and schools safe from various threats and emergencies. This balanced approach includes:

  • preventing unsafe individuals from entering your buildings
  • successfully responding to any emergency
  • screening and approving volunteers

Raptor provides integrated visitor, volunteer, and emergency management software that can give you complete control over your school security and create the ultimate benefit: safety and peace of mind for everyone in your community.

Prevent Unsafe Individuals from Entering

Preventing unsafe individuals whether that be a sex offender, a banned visitor, or a parent with no custodial rights out of your buildings is your first line of defense. Visitor management systems are a core component of school safety, yet a significant number of schools still rely on handwritten visitor logs to document and track school visitors, volunteers, and contractors. These handwritten logs are not enough to keep unwanted individuals out.

Raptor Visitor Management eliminates uncertainty and gives you full control of who is allowed to enter. With Raptor, you can:

  • Screen every visitor against sex offender and custom databases
  • Immediately alert administrative and security personnel if a visitor is identified as a risk
  • Conduct both onsite and remote COVID-19 health screening
  • Facilitate contact tracing efforts
  • Track tardies and early dismissals
  • Confirm you are releasing students to only approved guardians
  • Generate accurate district- and school-level reports

Raptor has helped us stop about five or six sex offenders coming into our buildings…When you think about saving students from those potentially dangerous situations, Raptor is definitely something to be thankful for…We have that extra sense of security by knowing that we are releasing a student to someone who not only the guardian trusts, but also someone we can trust and know that child is safe and secure with.
– Toms River Regional School District, NJ

Successfully Respond to Any Emergency

Being prepared for any emergency requires a robust emergency management approach paired with a trusted emergency management system, like Raptor Emergency Management. Raptor helps schools protect their students and staff and be in complete control during drills, active incidents, and reunifications events. With Raptor Emergency Management, you can:

  • Ensure your students and staff can confidently keep everyone safe in an actual crisis
  • Get the right help for localized incidents and school- or district-wide emergencies from wherever you are on campus
  • Know exactly where students, staff, and visitors are–and their condition–during emergencies
  • Reunite students with approved guardians up to 4 times faster
  • Access Raptor from wherever you are and on any web-enabled device
  • Customize Raptor to your emergency protocols to ensure everyone stays aligned
  • Automatically sync with your student information system
  • 100% align with The I Love U GuysFoundation protocols
  • Comply with state mandates like Alyssa’s Law

Raptor…[is] part of a comprehensive security plan that encompasses the whole district. Raptor works really well. Safety and security are paramount to us, and the Raptor system helps ensure that all of our learners are safe every day.
-Laramie County School District, WY

Ensuring Volunteers are Safe

Verifying the background of each volunteer is paramount to maintaining a safe environment for your students and staff. Raptor Volunteer Management simplifies volunteer processes with an online application, hour tracking, event management, and robust reporting. With Raptor Volunteer Management, you can:

  • Customize your volunteer application based on state requirements and your policies to receive volunteer information, automatically screen applicants, and request documents, such as driving records
  • Manage events at the school or district level and email volunteers when a new event is posted or event details change
  • Increase collaboration, ensure volunteers stay updated, and enable volunteers to track hours on the included web portal
  • Recruit, screen, approve, and communicate with virtual volunteers who don’t sign into a physical building
  • Automatically track participation across your district to effectively scale your initiatives

“Were not like a lot of districts, with building-based or grade-level volunteer coordinators. Im it, for the entire district. Thats a testament to the speed and ease of use of the Raptor system. Im able to manage more than 30,000 volunteers, process 6,000 new applications, help applicants or volunteers with any questions, complete the necessary screenings, and do all of this by myself.”
– Greenville County Schools, SC 

The Raptor Difference

We have Raptor Visitor Management, Raptor Volunteer Management, and Raptor Emergency Management. Raptor really is priceless. Honestly, it has given us freedom, peace of mind, and the ability to communicate more accurately with one another. Raptor is part of our everyday operations.

West Aurora School District 129, IL 

When it comes to maintaining a safe school, there are always new considerations around safety, changes to statutes and regulations, and professional as well as cultural shifts to account for. Keeping up with these evolving considerations requires you to team with a true partner who is committed to your success. Raptor is that partner to over 35,000 K-12 schools across the U.S. and proudly maintains a 98$ annual customer retention rate.

To learn more about Raptor and to schedule a personalized demo, contact us today.