Raptor Visitor Management system helps Lake Oswego schools detect registered sex offenders

Visitor ID scanner at school

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LAKE OSWEGO, OR (KPTV) – Lake Oswego schools are taking an extra step to make sure they know exactly who’s walking through their buildings, specifically sex offenders.

“We need to do whatever we can to protect our kids, and to know who is coming and going from the school and have a record of who has been where, I think it’s important,” said parent, Daemon Chisson.

It’s called Raptor Technologies. Every visitor gives their driver’s license to the front desk. The technology then scans the person’s ID through the National Sex Offender Registry list.

“It’s comforting. So we know that adults that are cleared and safe to be around students while in the building is again a priority for everyone,” said Scott Schinderle, Lake Grove Elementary Principal.

Parents and visitors only have to register once.

“Once they’re in, they’re cleared and in the system, and can gain access to any of the 10 schools,” said Schinderle.

They’ll then be able to quickly sign in any time they visit and have a temporary ID printed out with their name and where they’re going.

“At any given point, we could pull a list from the system if we were in a lockdown drill or fire drill,” said Schinderle. “That will give us greater accountability to make sure any guests in the building are accounted for when we do an evacuation.”

While it’s an extra step at first, parents FOX 12 spoke with said it’s a welcome one.

“I’m glad they’re doing something to keep the school secured, to keep our kids safe,” said Chisson.

Lake Oswego School District paid for the technology with its most recent bond. The plan is to have it in every school.

If someone does come in and is a registered sex offender, it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be allowed in the building. It might just mean they’re escorted.

They will handle that situation on a case-by-case basis.

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