How to Improve School Emergency Response with Integrated Safety Technologies

Raptor Connect Integration

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Imagine if your school emergency management system, cameras, alarms, IoT devices, smart boards, and other peripherals could talk to one another. 

You’re on lunch duty today. You say hello to the crowd of students as they file into the cafeteria and fill the room with chatter. It’s a typical Tuesday afternoon, and everything seems as it should be. Except it’s not. An intruder just jumped the perimeter fence. The security personnel monitoring the cameras quickly activates an emergency in the school’s mobile panic button.    

This activation instantly notifies you, the entire school community, and first responders that there is an intruder, and the campus needs to lockdown. The panic button also signals your smartboards to display lockdown actions in each classroom, as well as your public communication tool to send automated texts and calls to guardians. Everyone gets to safety and police apprehend the trespasser before the situation escalates. 

This is just one example of how integrated school safety technologies can make all the difference. Unfortunately, many schools have independent safety solutions that require separate activation. This disjointed process wastes valuable time and ultimately impedes response and recovery. 

Effortlessly Connect Your School Safety Devices and Systems

What if your school safety devices and systems could talk to one another? Imagine having reliable, innovative technology that: 

  1. Instantly activates the appropriate emergency response (Lockdown, Evacuate, Secure, etc.) when it receives signals from your other devices
  2. Immediately notifies school staff and first responders while also activating your alarm systems, IoT devices, and access control systems
  3. Sends information to smart boards and other connected digital response technologies
  4. Streamlines your digital emergency response activations, speeding notifications and minimizing the impact of the situation 

Increase Your School Safety Infrastructure with Raptor® Connect™

Raptor Connect™ is an advanced technology that enables Raptor and other components of your safety ecosystem to talk to one another. This means users can initiate multiple emergency response mechanisms from a single point, while improving the flow of critical information and reducing response time. 

Raptor has created a strong community of partners. This ecosystem of school safety leaders covers a wide range of peripherals, including cameras, gun detection, fire/smoke detection, alarms, speakers, IoT devices, smart boards, access control, communication devices, and more. 

To see how Raptor Connect streamlines emergency response and activation processes, contact us today. 

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