Five Hundred Million


That’s how many hours our volunteers spend in schools every single year.

500,000,000 Hours.

Thats over 57,000 people years! That’s almost as long as it took to build the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Thats the more than nine times the length of modern human civilization on our planet that is contributed voluntarily every single year to our students.

Volunteers spend a staggering amount of time in our schools, and they’re a critical component of our schools success. They help raise money, they help teach children to read, they help on field trips, and they help in the classroom. Without them, our schools would struggle to function properly.

The volunteers so critical to helping our schools often interface with our students, and there needs to be a layer of protection. There needs to be a gateway through which our volunteers enter, and that gateway needs to help our schools screen out the kind of people that shouldn’t have free access to children.

What are you doing to make sure your volunteers belong around your students?

To find out more about the Raptor Volunteer Management System, click here.