Equipped Against Chaos

Sandy Hook. Columbine. Marysville. Nickel Mines.

Our nation has seen tragedy strike in our schools month after month, year after year. The shootings at these schools have been terrifying, complex, and stress the need on all of us for schools to have a serious plan for school safety. Fires, tornados, bomb threats, active shooters, gas leaks, and many other threats need a response plan, and the right tools to execute those plans.

In any and all of these situations, our schools are transformed in a moment from institutions of learning to unimaginable chaos. Our principals, teachers, and first responders become commanders in a battle against terror, nature, or circumstance.

We cant say this strongly enough:

We need to equip our schools.

They need the tools necessary to hold chaos at bay, keep our children safe, and keep parents informed.

School emergency planners need to prepare to every imaginable response, from simple fire drills to the most complex reunifications. They are mobile in these situations, and their tools must be as well to provide full accountability during emergencies.

These tools must also integrate with other tools to allow them to keep track of every single person in their schools vendors, visitors, students, faculty, and staff. It must provide the ability to manage reunification protocols so that if tragedy does strike, you have safe and effective procedures in place to reunite your students with their approved parent or guardian.

Our schools aren’t capable of responding to today’s threats with plans on paper, but with the right technology they are.

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