Delivering Personal & Graduation Items to Students During COVID-19


As the school year reaches its end and social distancing remains in effect, there is an increased focus on delivering personal items left behind and/or graduation items to students. This type of distribution, where items belong to specific students, can be difficult to manage and bring challenges such as:

  1. Ensuring items are delivered to the correct student. The school has an obligation to make sure personal items, such as calculators, books, athletic gear, clothing, and backpacks, are given to the appropriate students. The same is true for graduation caps, gowns, honor society items, tassels, and diplomas that are meant for specific people.
  2. Distributing items efficiently. Students may be eager to receive their personal items or even special school-related items like the school yearbook as summer approaches, and for graduation, regardless of how the district chooses to celebrate, all schools need to make sure their students receive their graduation items. Delivering hundreds of items to specific students is a challenging undertaking that has a lot of moving parts and will require great time and effort. Implementing a proven process can make distribution much more efficient.
  3. Recording and tracking distribution for easy reference. Schools need to track distribution efforts and record successful delivery or pick-up. This will help schools not only create a record for reference, but also answer inquiries from students or parents about certain items.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, Raptor has partnered with schools to help distribute meals, homework, and devices to students. Similarly, Raptor can help schools streamline, track, and record item distribution and overcome the challenges above. Raptor can help with these common distribution scenarios:

  • Students/parents drive-up to the school and inventory is kept inside one person greets the car and asks for the students name, searches for the students record in the Raptor system, and alerts the runner who is inside to bring the specific item(s) to the car.
  • Students/parents drive-up to the school and inventory is kept outside the same person who greets the car hands the item to the student or guardian, using the Raptor system to confirm just like in the scenario above that the correct item is delivered to the student.

For more information on how Raptor can help you during COVID-19, see our resource page here.