A Scary Carnival


Imagine, if you will: it’s Wednesday, October 22nd.

Your schools fall carnival is less than three days away.

You have 20 game booths, 10 concession stands, and a silent auction to manage over a four-hour carnival. That means you need over 100 volunteers. Last years carnival raised more than $25,000 to help fund programs at the school. The principals are hopeful this year will be even better.

They’re hoping for $35,000.

Your volunteer coordinator just moved across the country and left you with a smile and her spreadsheet??of volunteer names and phone numbers. What do you do?

The truth is that in this situation, there may not be much you can do, except tough it out and make phone call after phone call. But after you’ve dug yourself out of the hole, a smart volunteer coordinator is going to start looking for a better way.

What would be on the wish list?

A way to:

  • access information from anywhere
  • coordinate and communicate volunteers and events online
  • electronically manage the scheduling of events
  • screen out sex offenders
  • integrate background checks
  • report volunteer hours at the press of a button

Think thats too much to ask for?

It’s not. There’s a better way.

So why are you still doing it the “old school” way?

For more information on the Raptor Volunteer Management System, click here.