Volunteer Management Software for Schools

Gain Complete Control Over Your Volunteer Process

Volunteer Management Software for Schools


Streamline Your Process From Application to Reporting​

Simplify your volunteer process with an online application, time tracking, event management, and robust reporting.

Volunteer Management Software for Schools




How to Create a Fun Summer Enrichment Program

Summer enrichment programs can increase both academic and personal development, while helping students with social, emotional, and mental health needs.

Why You Should Implement a Mentoring Program

The uniqueness of each student’s journey makes it imperative that students have a trusted, go-to person who can help them navigate their individual situations.


Have complete control over your volunteer process

Customize an application to receive volunteer information, automatically screen applicants, and request documents such as driving records.

Manage events at the school or district level and email volunteers when a new event is posted or event details change.

Increase collaboration, ensure volunteers stay updated, and enable volunteers to track hours on the included web portal.

Even virtual volunteers need to be screened. Recruit, screen, approve, and communicate with virtual volunteers who don’t sign into a physical building.

Automatically track participation across your district to effectively scale your initiatives.

Stories & Testimonials

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District Oversees More Than 30,000 Volunteers

After using another volunteer management system, the district realized that one of their elementary field trip chaperones was a registered sex offender.

With Raptor, the district and their students, staff, and families are confident that each volunteer is properly and accurately vetted. The district has rejected over 300 applicants since implementing Raptor.

Volunteer Applications Screened Each Year
"We’re not like a lot of districts, with building-based or grade-level volunteer coordinators. I’m it, for the entire district. That’s a testament to the speed and ease of use of the Raptor system. I’m able to manage more than 30,000 volunteers, process 6,000 new applications, help applicants or volunteers with any questions, complete the necessary screenings, and do all of this by myself."
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Randle Evett
Safety Specialist
Greenville County Schools
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