Raptor® Alert

School Emergency Notification System
to help you summon help instantly

Raptor Alert School Saftey

Expedite Alerts to Emergency Personnel

Minimize your district’s time to alert emergency personnel. With Raptor Alert, a mobile school panic button solution, emergency notifications to multiple first responder agencies are instantaneous and ensure real-time coordination.

Raptor Alert is 100% Aligned to the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) from The “I Love U Guys” Foundation

Initiate a full emergency

Using our mobile panic alert and  school emergency notification system, teachers and administrators can initiate an emergency response to a school–or district-wide situation–instantly notifying first responders, and request assistance from a tailored list of personnel with the touch of a button. Connect with 9-1-1 directly from the app and communicate via real-real-time messaging capability to other authorized users across all devices.

CustOmize scenario types and get just the help you need

For localized incidents, the Team Assist function of the school alert app allows districts to create their own custom lists of scenarios such as fights, spills, vandalism, or any situation that can be handled by your building staff or SRO. Teachers and staff can send situation-specific, real-time notifications to building team members via text or email or connect with 9-1-1 through the app for additional help.

*Raptor Alert is currently in development – coming soon.


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Meets emergency communication requirements

Raptor Alert helps districts meet current and imminent emergency communication mandates, including:
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