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Securing sufficient funding. Improving academic performance. Finding and retaining the best teachers. Helping students from impoverished backgrounds find success. Superintendents across the country cite these as some of their major challenges. But we would add another, and as recent events unfortunately underscore, ensuring the safety of your students and staff—while always a priority—is becoming increasingly difficult. You want to make certain that your district represents the best possible educational environment for your students and staff members. That naturally includes safeguarding that environment—literally. Let Raptor® Technologies show you how affordable 21st century technology and proven safety practices can come together to assist you in keeping your schools safe.
More schools across the U.S. trust Raptor to protect their campuses than all other safety solutions combined. The Raptor system is efficient, effective, reasonably priced, and easy to implement. Contact Raptor today and let us help you add an extra layer of protection for your district.

Raptor Visitor
Management System

Know who’s coming into your school and keep sex offenders out.

Raptor Volunteer
Management System

Get instant background checks and streamlined volunteer coordination.

Raptor Emergency
Management System

Be prepared for any crisis with a mobile application that provides for accountability and parent reunification.

Raptor Technologies is trusted to protect more K-12 schools than
all other systems combined.

Get in touch with us today to protect your district with Raptor.

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