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Empowering Boston Public Schools with Seamless Visitor Management

Unlock Full Control and Full Line of Sight to Who Enters Your Buildings


One Holistic Visitor Managment Platform to Support BPS

Skip the Pencil & Paper and Eliminate Lengthy Manual Workflows.

Eliminate uncertainty and know precisely who is on campus throughout Boston Public Schools. Relying on handwritten visitor logs and documentation can lead to a variety of inaccuracies and has little recourse in protecting students from unsafe or unauthorized visitors.

Screening and approving each entrant provides peace of mind for your entire school community and is your first line of defense for safer schools. Raptor can help BPS maintain a safe learning environment and provide security protocols with a suite of robust platform features:

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ID Scanning

Screen every visitor against the sex offender registries in all 50 states and custom databases, including those with custody orders and banned visitor status.

Badge Printing

Instant badge printing ensures quick identification, offering a superior alternative to traditional pencil and paper methods. Visitors scan their IDs, take their photo, and complete the check-in process.

Track Visitor Types

Configure the sign in process by persona to track why each visitor is on your campus and gather the information you need based on their roles.

Reduce Risk with Instant Alerts

Instantly notify essential personnel via text and/or email, enabling rapid response to flagged visitors and facilitating their safe management, effectively reducing potential risks to the school community.

Detailed Reporting

Instantly query district and school-level live and historical data that spans multiple years. Reports can be run and delivered on a scheduled basis. Handle and manage specific platform permissions.

Configure to Your Needs

Choose between assisted systems (those that are used at your front desk and managed by a school employee) and kiosk stations for self-service.



Raptor StudentSafe for Boston Schools

Promoting Comprehensive Safety Measures for Each Student’s Wellbeing.

Raptor StudentSafe assists schools in prioritizing student wellbeing. This software empowers staff to take proactive measures and address concerning student behavior and implementing policies related to student wellbeing.

From managing behavioral threat assessments to addressing suicide risk, bullying, sexual harassment, and beyond, StudentSafe provides comprehensive support for student safety and wellness.

See a Need

School counselors and trained professionals can connect the dots and readily identify a student in need of support. With such early indications, problems may often be managed more simply with existing resources.

Keep the Data with the Student

StudentSafe data moves automatically from building to building with a student within the same district. Data can also be shared across staff members when a student is enrolled in more than one school in a district.

Create Comprehensive Student Chronologies

When small pieces of information come together in one central, secure system, patterns emerge for individual students and trends across cohorts.

Modify and Customize Protocols

Easily modify existing methodologies and processes to suit your school’s needs. Add custom content as well as checks and balances. Start from scratch and incorporate your school’s protocols and guidelines for any student wellbeing policy.

Customized Permissions

Manage platform permissions with ease, granting access only to authorized personnel.

Track progress, impact, and resources

Having concerns, tasks, notes, and actions in one system requires less effort to monitor student progress and achieve positive outcomes.

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