2021 State of School Safety Report

National Report Reveals Gap Between Parents and Administrators on Perception of School Safety

Safe and Sounds Schools

Key Findings

The State of School Safety Report is an annual survey from Safe and Sound Schools, in partnership with Raptor Technologies, of School Administrators, Staff, Safety Officials, Parents, and Students on attitudes and concerns about school safety. The 2021 report showed students and parents are less confident than administrators in critical areas, including a 30-point gap when asked if their school takes a proactive approach to safety awareness. Concerns included how proactive schools are regarding student and campus security, how the school community would respond in a campus emergency, and their plan to reunify children with guardians following a crisis.

The report revealed a distinct difference in understanding the steps schools are taking to address parent and student concerns about safety. Additionally, the survey yielded feedback on how schools handled the COVID-19 pandemic, apprehension on the mental health of returning students, and the overall preparedness of schools to handle emergencies.

0 %
of administrators believe they handled the COVID-19 crisis well

Only 74% of parents agree
0 %
of administrators feel they have adequate safety measures within their district

Only 67% of parents agree
0 %
of district safety personnel agree that they have a plan for post-emergency reunification of students and guardians
Only 45% of parents agree
0 %
of district safety personnel state that they have a distinct safety plan for children with special needs
Only 70% of parents agree

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As students return to the classroom this coming fall, concerns around safety and security will once again be top of mind.