Raptor Selected as Approved Vendor for Florida Alyssa's Law

Be ready for the 2021-2022 school year. Raptor accelerates your compliance with swift implementation across any mobile or web-enabled device.

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Alyssa’s Law in Florida

Florida public and charter schools must implement a mobile panic alert system beginning with the 2021-2022 school year. The Florida Department of Education named Raptor Technologies as an approved partner for Alyssa’s Law compliance. Our panic alert system, Raptor® Alert, exceeds the state’s requirements.
Raptor mobile panic alert
Fully Protect Your Schools

Create Safety & Peace of Mind for Your Community ​

All panic alert systems are meant to expedite awareness of and response to emergencies, but not all systems are created equal and not all vendors can provide a solution and partnership that are truly valuable to K-12 schools.

Choosing the Right Partner

Effective K-12 emergency management is not just about software features. Schools need a partner that understands them and is a proven ally to keep students safe.
Raptor is a trusted and credible K-12 safety software provider for 73% of Florida districts, totaling over 2,500 individual schools. Reduce complexity with a partner already in your schools.
We combine trusted solutions with over 18 years of implementation and project management expertise to bring you an innovative, efficient, and streamlined onboarding experience—no matter how big or small your district is—so that you can comply by the deadline.
You will not be just another client. Raptor will provide you with ongoing expertise and relentless innovation to help you better protect your students, staff, and buildings from any threat. Raptor is a partner to over 35,000 K-12 U.S. schools and maintains an annual client retention rate of 98%.

Effective K-12 emergency management is not just about software features. Schools need a partner that understands them and is a proven ally to keep students safe. For many vendors, K-12 is just a small portion of their focus, so solutions often are not tailored to the unique needs of schools. 

Florida School Safety Solution Partner

73% of Florida districts—those highlighted on the map above—use Raptor to protect their students and staff.

Choosing the Right Solution

Raptor Alert goes above and beyond Florida requirements

Raptor Alert integrates with the Raptor safety management platform that empowers schools to manage drills, account for everyone on campus, reunify students with approved guardians, and track and screen visitors and volunteers.

Teachers and staff can summon help from any mobile or web-enabled device, including the smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers that you already have. This instantly sends detailed alerts to a custom list of recipients that can include first responders. Users can also stay updated through real-time group messaging from wherever they are on campus.
Raptor Alert connects a 9-1-1 caller with the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) and automatically shares the user’s location and call back number with the dispatcher. Raptor also shares critical school documents and floorplans with first responders.

Every district has different priorities, procedures, and challenges. Raptor Alert is fully customizable to each district’s unique emergency response protocols to ensure that teachers, staff, and first responders stay in compliance with district policies and are speaking the same language during an emergency.

An integrated solution that teachers and staff are already accustomed to using, such as using during drills, increases their confidence and ability during a safety event. 

Managing drills with Raptor Alert enables teachers and staff to develop muscle memory through practice, increasing their confidence and ability during a safety event.

Raptor Alerts

Raptor Alert Panic Button Solution

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Raptor Alert is a mobile panic button solution and emergency notification system that expedites awareness and response to localized incidents and school- or district-wide emergency situations with the touch of a button. It is a module within the Raptor® Emergency Management suite of solutions.  

Florida Alyssa’s Law Requirements

Raptor’s Solution

Raptor integrated school safety system

Fully Protect Your Schools With an All-in-One Solution

Raptor Alert expedites awareness and response to localized incidents and school- or district-wide emergency situations with the touch of a button. With Raptor Drill Manager, schools can easily schedule, conduct, and report on drills, as well as practice their emergency operations plan that is configured in Raptor Alert.

For districts wanting to fully address emergency preparedness, emergency response, and emergency recovery, the complete Raptor integrated school safety system empowers schools to be better prepared to keep everyone safe in an actual crisis.  An integration with Raptor Visitor Management empowers you to account for everyone—including students, staff, visitors, contractors, guardians, and volunteers—on campus during an emergency.


Know who is on campus

with Raptor Visitor Management



Practice and improve

with Raptor Drill Manager



Initiate an incident

with Raptor Drill Alert



Account for everyone

with Raptor Accountability




with Raptor Reunification


Services designed for your success

Seamless Implementation Will Have You in Compliance Fast

Raptor has successfully implemented our systems across the country for schools and districts of various sizes. Our implementations are guided, flexible, and focused on our client’s success, and we have a team dedicated to helping schools every step of the way.

Example Implementation Timeline


Procurement & Onboarding


User Access & Configuration


End User Training


Refresher Training


Continuing Education

Ongoing support every step of the way

A True Partner Focused on Your Success

A critical driver of our achievements is our focus on our client’s success. Raptor strives to learn, adapt, and constantly optimize our client relationships, an attitude that has earned us an almost unheard of Net Promoter Score of 96.

District Administrators

Dedicated Raptor team focused on optimal configuration and adoption

School Administrators and Raptor users

Dedicated Raptor team available 24/7 and training resources available on-demand

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