The Front Door


Technology is a critical component in the education of our nation’s children. “Overall education technology spending globally will reach $19 billion by 2019,” states Fortune magazine (April 28, 2015). However, there is one critical area where investments are lagging behind:

The Front Door.

In an increasingly technology-driven era in our schools, many of the institutions that educate our children are not implementing the technologies available to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe. For example, up to 80% of schools still rely on the pencil-and-paper method of signing in their visitors. Barring the introduction of smart paper and pencils with biometric sensors on them, this method is useless in practice for protecting our students.

Those days need to be behind us. In an age where technology can allow you to lock the front door of your home from halfway across the world, theres no excuse for leaving the front door of our schools standing wide open for sexual predators, gang members, or any person who would do our students harm.

Every school wants to keep their students safe, and their actions need to back that up. There are a few areas that should be non-negotiable: every visitor, volunteer, or vendor needs to be accounted for, every visitor, volunteer, or vendor needs to be verified, and every visitor, volunteer, or vendor needs to be screened, in every school, every day.

So what is stopping you from taking this basic step in school security? Our mission is to protect every child, every school, every day.

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