What are the Most Common Natural Disasters by Region and How Can Schools Prepare for Them?

Most Common Natural Disaster Types by Region

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One of the most important components of school severe weather response is being prepared before inclement weather or natural disasters impact your region. This means understanding what disasters you’re most likely to experience.  

What Natural Disasters Threaten Schools?

Severe weather and natural disasters can be unique based on your school’s location. The map below—based on information provided by the Red Cross—shows how each region can experience different combinations of disasters. 

Most Common Disaster Types by Region
  • West (Pacific Coast): Earthquakes, wildfires, volcanoes, tsunami, landslides, and hurricanes (especially in Hawaii). 
  • West (Mountain): Earthquakes, wildfires, and winter storms (like blizzards).
  • Midwest: Tornadoes, wildfires in North and South Dakota, and earthquakes mostly in Illinois and Missouri.
  • South and Southeast: Tornadoes, landslides (Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia), earthquakes and hurricanes. 
  • New England: Hurricanes and winter storms. 

How Can Schools be Prepared for Natural Disasters?

School visitor and emergency management systems can greatly improve your preparedness, response, and recovery. Raptor Visitor Management keeps track of everyone in your schools and integrates with Raptor Emergency Management. If you need to take shelter or evacuate, you will be able to account for everyone on campus—and keep track of where they are and how they are doing—on your mobile device, tablet, and desktop.  

Raptor Emergency Management also enables schools to manage and conduct weather-related school safety drills. In actual emergencies, users can activate an emergency panic button from their mobile phones, connect with 9-1-1, and keep staff updated through group messaging.   

To learn more, contact Raptor today to schedule a personalized demo.

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