Manage visitors with minimal staff assistance

Raptor Kiosk Large

22″ user-friendly touchscreen interface with either a sturdy desktop stand or a wall mounting option for optimal placement in school entrances or secure vestibules.

Raptor Kiosk Small

Compact 10.1″ tablet-based kiosk weighing less than 10 pounds. Easily transportable to a gymnasium, auditorium, or other Wi-Fi-supported location for visitor screening throughout the building.

Raptor Kiosk Custom

For schools that want to use their own computer, this option lets districts employ the kiosk software on a district-provided computer or tablet. Requires scanner and badge printer, sold separately.


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The Raptor Difference


False Protection

Pencil and paper sign-in sheets offer a false sense of protection and aren’t an adequate solution to keep your schools safe.

No Screening

Real-time manual screening of every visitor is not practical, so most schools don’t end up screening persons entering the premises.

No Database Checks

Checking for red flags such as custody issues relies on memory of the staff or inefficient, error-prone paper records.

Unreliable Records

Handwritten sign-in sheets are often incomplete or illegible, which renders a school’s visitor records unreliable.

Laborious Reporting

To generate visitor reports, each sign-in sheet must be manually rekeyed, which is both time-consuming and potentially inaccurate.


Trusted Protection

The Raptor Visitor Management system is trusted to protect students and staff by more K-12 schools than all other systems combined.

Instant Screening

With the Raptor Visitor Management system, every visitor is instantly screened against the registered sex offender databases in all 50 states.

Custom Databases

The Raptor Visitor Management system checks visitors against custom school or district databases, which can contain custody alerts and/or banned visitors.

Accurate Records

The Raptor Visitor Management system ensures that accurate and reliable records are kept for every visitor who enters your school, every day.


The Raptor Visitor Management system quickly and easily creates reports for individual schools or entire districts, including detailed custom reports for visitors, volunteers, and contractors entering your schools.

What Raptor Customers Are Saying

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Frequently Asked Questions​

A visitor management system is an online tool that both registers and screens every campus visitor, volunteer, and contractor so that school officials know precisely who is entering their buildings.

The best visitor management systems screen each visitor’s state-issued ID against sex offender databases and locally customized lists of banned or potentially threatening individuals, instantly alert school officials to a threatening presence, and maintain a searchable log of all visitors.

Visitor management software features include: *Instant screening against sex offender, custody, and other customized databases
*Accurate, reliable, searchable visitor recordkeeping
*Easy-to-use districtwide or individual school visitor report creation
*An emergency panic button to instantly alert designated school officials and first responders

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