Every Second Counts


Crisis. It’s the last thing anyone ever wants. No matter how strong you are, what you’ve been through or how much crisis training you’ve taken no one wants to go through an emergency situation.

Our schools are one place where preparing for crisis incidents needs to be a regular occurrence. The fire drills from the past have evolved into emergency preparedness activities at schools across the nation. Our schools take the time to introduce and prepare our students and teachers for emergencies.


Because in an emergency, every second counts.

The potential array of emergencies can be vast. It can include disasters, threats, active shooters, attempted invasion of the premises, and many others. In all of these cases, time is of the essence and safeguarding the lives of everyone on campus is paramount.

When a crisis hits it is critical to know who is in your school and to be able to account for everyone. You need the tools to instantly see a list of everyone in the building on mobile devices.

Additionally, if the crisis dictates evacuation to a location away from the school it is necessary to reunite the students with their parents or approved guardians once it is safe. Having the tools that provide accountability for the status and location of students and staff, real-time status updates, and reunification with guardians is a must.

Can you afford to give up precious seconds?

When every second counts, trust the Raptor System.

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