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A world where schools have the means of proactively addressing concerning student behaviors and operationalizing their student wellbeing policies is a world where students can thrive and reach their full potential. 

Reimagining School Safety - Student Safety
Low-Level Concerns

The High Value of Low-Level Concerns

When we log those earliest signs of concerning behavior, the problems are far more manageable and the resources are more plentiful.

Establish categories of concern aligned to a school’s specific terminology.

When staff use consistent terminology administrators can view trends across campuses, grade levels, demographics or other cohorts, and more efficiently and effectively direct resources.

“Before Raptor, we previously operated with lots of documents and spreadsheets which made it difficult to organize and safely store all of that sensitive information and data. StudentSafe has provided an organized and systematic approach to guide our behavioral threat assessment teams and assessment approach.”

David Wrzesinski, District Safety Coordinator

Robinson Independent School District, TX

Putting Student Wellbeing Policies Into Action

Just released, StudentSafe’s do-it-yourself custom forms provide schools with the power to incorporate all their student wellbeing policies into one secure, centralized platform.

Incredibly easy to use, administrators can quickly re-create any existing paper or electronic forms within StudentSafe, such as bullying prevention, homelessness, sexual harassment, self-harm and so on.

Easily modify current forms and cases when updated policies, guidelines or laws come into effect, including the ones already in StudentSafe (Behavioral Threat Assessment models and Suicide Screeners).

Supporting Rather Than Defining a School’s Needs

Flexibility is important to managing student wellbeing. Raptor StudentSafe offers the most comprehensive tool to help schools prevent targeted violence and student self-harm while also providing unprecedented flexibility to reach their goals.

Only StudentSafe allows schools to create and edit their student wellbeing policies on their own.

Only StudentSafe allows schools to establish their own categories of concern.

Only StudentSafe allows schools to log low-level concerns.

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