Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 – Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 10 and 11
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 – Google® Chrome®
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 – Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 11
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 – Google® Chrome®

Note: If using the 32-bit version of Microsoft® Windows® 7 you must use a Google® Chrome® browser.

Getting Started with Drill Manager

First, let’s start with reviewing what Drill Manager can do for your district:

  • Create and publish a schedule of drill requirements to all school districts
  • Schools can then see the requirements, download calendar reminders and update the status of a drill requirement to complete
  • District and school administrators can receive automated reminders and summary notifications
  • Districts can view a real-time dashboard of drill compliance for all schools

To get started please look over the Drill Manager Prep Work document. Reviewing this document will help ensure that you have the appropriate information to complete the following tasks in Drill Manager:

  • Create drill schedule aligned to your district’s drill requirements
  • Create Raptor User accounts for your district and school staff
  • Create Contacts for notification delivery to pertinent district and school staff

Once you have gathered the information outlined in the Drill Manager Prep work document you are ready to start configuring Drill Manager. Here is our suggested checklist of action items, as well as documents to help you accomplish each action item:

Create User Accounts and Contacts

In Drill Manager, you will have to create users (people who will need to access the system to comply with drill requirements) and contacts (people who will be sent summary and drill reminder notifications). Any user creating drill schedules will need to be given the role of District Admin. Any user needing to comply with a drill requirement will be given the role of Building Admin. More than likely a person will be both a User and a Contact, but there may be cases where you will want to enter a person in Raptor as either only a user or only a contact. In any case the documents below provide detailed instructions for either scenario:

Assign Contacts to the Appropriate Notification

For district and school staff to receive summary and drill reminders you will need to assign contacts to a notification. Below are instructions on how to assign contacts to the notifications, as well as a guide to the various notifications you have at your disposal:

Create and Publish a Drill Schedule

Creating your drill schedule entails you creating drill requirements that your Building Admins will comply with by fulfilling each drill requirement. This document below outlines the steps for creating and publishing your first drill schedule:

Distribute Drill Compliance document to your Building Admins

This document provides instructions for your Building Admins on how to fulfill a drill requirement

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