Security Manager

Service. Protection. Compassion. Clarity. No one understands the importance of these ideas in a school emergency environment more than you do, but it is difficult to consistently bring them all to bear without a little help. Knowing exactly who is entering your buildings, being instantly alerted to potential threats, providing full accountability, and ensuring that students are returned safely to the arms of their loved ones every day can’t be accomplished simply through good intentions or wishful thinking.

Raptor® Technologies was created to assist you. Today, Raptor is trusted by security directors and managers ranging from the top ten largest school districts in America all the way to single campuses. More than 35,000 K-12 schools across the country trust Raptor to help protect their students. Why not let Raptor help you?

Raptor Visitor
Management System

Know who’s coming into your school and keep sex offenders out.

Raptor Volunteer
Management System

Get instant background checks and streamlined volunteer coordination.

Raptor Emergency
Management System

Be prepared for any crisis with a mobile application that provides for accountability and parent reunification.

Raptor Technologies is trusted to protect more K-12 schools than all other systems combined.

Get in touch with us today to protect your district with Raptor.

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