Prepare For, Respond To, and Recover From Any Emergency

Emergency Management Systems for Schools

More than 35,000 K-12 schools nationwide protect their students and staff with Raptor school safety solutions.

Emergency Management Key Benefits

Maintain real-time visibility during drills, active incidents, and reunification events and have line of sight to everyone—and every incident—in your schools every day. Raptor is a cloud-based system that can be used on any web-enabled device.

Customize to your protocols and be confident everyone is speaking the same language during an emergency. Raptor is a mission partner of The “I Love U Guys” Foundation and the only provider that offers 100% alignment with their protocols.

Alyssa’s Law requires schools to have silent panic alert systems that link directly to first responder and law enforcement agencies. Following these guidelines is part of a well-rounded emergency management plan.

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Integrated School Safety Solution

Raptor Emergency Management includes: Raptor Drill Manager®, Raptor® Alert, Raptor Accountability™, and Raptor Reunification®.

Ensure your schools never miss a drill

Raptor Drill Manager enables you to schedule, conduct, and report on drills, as well as analyze drill performance, improve your protocols, and create muscle memory.

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Initiate an incident and get help now

Raptor Alert is a mobile panic alert and emergency notification system that expedites response to localized and school- or district-wide emergencies with the touch of a button.

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Gain full visibility within minutes

Raptor Accountability gives you clear, real-time line of sight to the location and status of every student, staff member, and visitor within minutes of an incident initiation.

Reunify students 4 times faster

Raptor Reunification increases your speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Timed comparison trials proved 4 times faster than paper-and-pencil reunification methods.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I’m extremely thankful because Raptor has helped us stop about five or six sex offenders coming into our buildings. When you think about saving students from those potentially dangerous situations, Raptor is definitely something to be thankful for.”
Toms River Regional School District, NJ
“We used sign-in sheets in all our sites, many times the signatures were illegible. The Raptor system is computerized so our records are clean. Plus, it requires proof of ID.”
Cave Creek School District logo
Gina D.
Cave Creek AZ Unified School District
“Custody issues and legal orders are more and more common. Raptor notifies us of those situations instantly, and that helps us keep it all under control.”
Brenda R.,
Austin (TX) ISD

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